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The Cellular Weather Station supports a wide variety of 3G/4G modems like the U760 from Verizon shown at right. These are housed in our exclusive weatherproof radome enclosure provided with each Cellular Weather Station. The radome comes equipped with a USB port too allow 3G/4G modems to plug in, and be fully protected from weather.

Cellular Weather Station Compatibility List - Cellular Data Providers and Modems

Below is a list of cellular carrier names, followed by their supplied USB data modems known to be compatible with the Cellular Weather Station.

3 (SWE)

  • Huawei E182E

3 (UK)

  • Huawei E156G
    • ZTE MF112

Aircel (IN)

  • Micromax 352G

Airtel (IN)

    • Huawei E153
    • Huawei E1731


  • Huawei E181
  • Huawei E220
    • Huawei E368 [Force 4G]
    • Huawei E1815 [ Connect 900]
    • LG Turbo LUU-2100TI [Connect Turbo]
    • LG AD600 [ Connect Adrenaline (LTE)]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC930D
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D
    • Option iCON 461 [AT&T Connect Velocity]
    • Option iCON 322 [AT&T Connect Quicksilver]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 875U
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U [ Connect Momentum 4G (LTE)]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U [Connect 881]
    • Sierra Wireless Compass 885 [Connect Mercury]
    • Sierra Wireless Compass 888
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard  305 [Connect Lightning]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard  308 [Shockwave]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard  306

Bell Mobility (CA)

  • Novatel Wireless U679
  • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC547 [U547 Turbo Stick]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC998D [U998 HSPA+ Turbo Stick]
    • Sierra Wireless 330U


  • Linktop LW273
    • Linktop LW272
    • Micromax MMX 300C

Claro (PR)

  • Alcatel One Touch X220Y (TCT Mobile)
    • BandRich BandLuxe C330
    • Very Kool m950


    • Sierra Wireless 250U [CLEAR 4G+  (Series S)]


    • ZTE A605

Idea Cellular (IN)

  • Huawei E1732
    • Huawei E367

MTS India (IN)

    • ZTE AC2766 [M-Blaze Standard]

O2 (UK)

  • ZTE MF100

Open Mobile

  • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC551

Orange (UK)

  • Huawei E160E
    • Huawei E1752 [Orange E1752 Dongle]
    • Huawei E173
    • Option iCON 515M

Pioneer Cellular

    • Sierra Wireless AirCard  USB 598

Reliance (IN)

  • Huawei EC1262
    • ZTE MF668
    • ZTE AC2726
    • ZTE MF190

Rogers (CA)

  • Nokia CS-18 [HSPA+ Rocket Mobile Internet Stick - Nokia CS-18]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D
    • Sierra Wireless 330U [LTE Rocket Stick]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U [LTE Rocket Stick]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard USB  306
    • ZTE MF636 [ZTE MF636 Rocket Stick]
    • ZTE MF668 [ZTE MF668 HSPA+ Rocket Mobile Internet Stick]
    • ZTE MF680


  • Franklin Wireless U300 [Sprint 3G/4G  ModemU300]
    • Franklin Wireless U301 [Sprint 3G/4G  ModemU301]
    • Franklin Wireless S600C
    • Franklin Wireless U600
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 [Sprint U760]
    • Sierra Wireless 250U [3G/4G  Modem 250U]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U
    • Sierra Wireless Compass 597U [Sprint 597  Modem]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard  598 [Sprint 598U]
    • Ubee PXU1901

T-Mobile (UK)

  • Huawei E1750
  • Huawei E173
    • Huawei E367
    • ZTE MF637U
    • ZTE MF192

T-Mobile (USA)

  • Huawei E181 [T-Mobile webConnect  (UMG181)]
    • Huawei E1831 [T-Mobile webConnect Rocket ]
    • Huawei E366 [Jet 2.0]
    • Huawei E1691 [T-Mobile webConnect Jet  (UMG1691)]
    • ZTE MF683 [Rocket 3.0]
    • ZTE MF691 [webConnect Rocket 2.0 HSPA+]

Tata Teleservices (IN)

  • Epivalley SXC1080 [Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf]
    • Huawei E367
    • Huawei EC306
    • Huawei EC156
    • Huawei EC1261 [TATA Photon+]
    • ZTE MF631

Tele2 (SWE)

  • Huawei E398

Telenor (SWE)

  • Huawei E1750


  • Huawei E372
    • Huawei E397


  • Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200
  • LG VL600 [VL600 4G LTE  Modem]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC727 [Verizon 727]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 [Verizon 760]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC551 [ 551L 4G LTE  Modem]
    • Pantech UMW190NCD [Verizon UMW190 Global Modem]
    • Pantech UML290 [UML290 4G LTE  Modem]
    • Pantech UM175
    • Pantech UMW190VZ [Verizon UMW190 Global Modem]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U

Virgin Mobile (U.S.A.)

  • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 [Broadband2Go]

Vodafone (UK)


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