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Solar Powered Cellular Weather Station

Provides near real-time weather data from anywhere!


WeatherShop has created an exclusive custom solution to the problem of monitoring weather at a remote location with our Cellular Weather Station system. Using a specialized adaptor that supports almost any cellular data provider with 3G coverage, our completely autonomous system will work unattended and fully automated, anywhere there is cellular network coverage.


Our Cellular Weather Station Features:

  • Full featured weather monitoring capability, supports all basic weather data, plus can be expanded for additional data such as solar radiation, evapo-transpiration, etc. Uses the rugged Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Pro2 Plus cabled models. Can be upgraded to wireless if add-on stations (soil moisture, leaf wetness, soil temperature, etc.) are required.

  • Guaranteed compatibility with 3G/4G cellular networks supported in this list. Supports international cellular networks including Canada and the UK.

  • Dual panel solar power battery system will power weather station and transceiver for up to 4 days in total darkness.

  • A complete ready to run weather station web page showing the most recent data, plus automatic data archiving.

  • No FCC license is required to use these stations.

  • Plug and Play operation. No specialized setup or tuning is required to establish the cellular data link.

  • All system electronics come pre assembled in a NEMA rated weatherproof case with o-ring seal and locking hardware. Includes internal electronics ambient temperature monitor that reports automatically with other data.

  • Ruggedized high quality construction - designed to withstand harsh remote environments.

  • Modular design allows for easy shipping and transport.

  • Complete systems with a weather station include Weather View 32 Professional weather monitoring software for additional data logging, web output, report generation, and alerting via email, pager, cell phone when weather conditions exceed levels you specify.

  • iPhone and Android weather data display apps included

The system includes a LIVE WEATHER WEB PAGE with automatic data logging that you can check from anywhere.


Setup and view on any computer, PC/Mac/Linux/Android/iPhone and post your weather data directly to the Internet without a dedicated always on PC. Once the CWS is operating, within minutes, you'll be able to see your weather data live on the Internet.


Data display features:

  • Selectable data logging intervals from 1 minute to hours.
  • Automatically upload data to third-party weather sites including CWOP, the GLOBE Program, and Weather Underground..
  • Download the data to your PC for all the powerful charting, graphing, and analysis.
  • Apps for iPhone and Android monitoring included
  • Add extra user license kit to download the data independently to multiple PCs—ideal for schools, agriculture, scientific fieldwork, and remote locations.


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This web page and software is "plug-and-play" when we ship a Cellular Weather Station to you, everthing is preconfigured for you. Once you get the Cellular Weather Station installed and turned on, it will automatically update the web page for you. You get full control over the account configuration and data via the username/password provided.

Example: see our local weather station live in action below on in a new window  here


It also includes powerful professional weather station software Weather View 32 that can run on your PC to give you custom reports, custom web output, and custom alerts of weather conditions that you set. You can design custom screens for display of near real-time weather data, including dials, graphs, gauges, as well as make custom data reports, exports to Excel, and custom alerts to pagers, cell phones and email.

* An activated cellular internet data account with a cellular network provider is required to use this system. Most cellular providers that support 3G/4G data connections to the Internet will work with our system. 



The Cellular Weather Station is priced based on you acquiring a cellular data plan with an approved USB data modem. By having you purchase and activate the device, it ensures that you will be correctly billed for the monthly data service as well as ensuring the device works in your area.

When placing an order, let us know which provider you wish to use and we can suggest the appropriate USB modem purchase. 


CUSTOM OPTIONS AVAILABLE - Please call us at 530-899-8434
or send an e-mail to for a quote to meet your specific application, or to place an order.

#WX-CELL-VP2   $3774.95


(includes IR and UV sensors, calculates evapotranspiration)
#WX-CELL-VP2-P   $4219.95


This is optional add-on that can make testing easier by giving you accesss to your data at the installation site. Battery powered. Not required.
#WX6312C   $220.50

Stand-alone tripod mounted
Cellular Weather Station


Detailed view of the Cellular
Weather Station solar panel and radome assembly


Dual NEMA rated weatherproof
enclosures houses all electronics, batteries.


Applications for the Cellular Weather Station:

  • Remote monitoring of wind for wind turbine electricity farms

  • Remote mountain passes weather monitoring for highways and roads

  • Wireless remote weather stations for web pages

  • Fire Weather Monitoring for in the field operations

  • Agricultural Weather Monitoring of remote crop sites

  • Television/Radio Station School Weather Networks

  • Meteorological or climate research studies

  • Wildlife habitat monitoring

  • Crop and insect spraying wind monitoring

  • Risk management applications

Android and iPhone Apps!


Need point-to-point communcations without monthly cellular data fees?

See our Long distance Wireless Weather Network station which requires no monthly subscription or license.


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