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LaCrosse WS8117UC

Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor & Outdoor Temperature,
Humidity & Moon Phase Icon


This is a professional quality time/temperature center with an indoor/outdoor wireless temperature center. Many of our customers buy 4 or more of these for display of multiple time zones around the world similar to what is often seen in TV and Radio Newsrooms. Guaranteed to always be accurate. Its automatically set by the US government WWVB radio station. It even automatically sets for daylight savings time in the spring and fall! Displays a large Moon Phase icon for easy viewing.



  • Moon Phase at a glance
  • Atomic Clock Radio controlled time (hour, minute, second) via WWVB
  • Atomic Clock Radio controlled date (month, date, year, day) via WWVB
  • Indoor temperature (F or C)
  • Remote Wireless Temperature (F or C)
  • Time alarm
  • Snooze for alarm
  • Day can be displayed in English, French, or Spanish
  • Dual LCD screens- Large for Time, Smaller date/day/temp display
  • Wall Hanging or Free-standing (fold-out stand)
  • 12 or 24 hour time mode with Daylight Savings Time auto-set
  • Time Zones from GMT to 12 hours GMT
  • Three letter identification for all US time zones


  • Indoor temperature range: 32F to 122F (0C to 50C)
  • Remote temperature range: -21.8F to +156.2F
  • Power requirements (receiver):  2 AA Alkaline batteries, battery life 12 months
  • Power requirements (remote):  2 AA Alkaline batteries 
  • Actual Size: 12.20" x 1.18" x 8.03"

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Actual Size: 
12.20" x 1.18" x 8.03"





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Instruction Manual (.PDF files require Adobe Reader)



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